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Pros and Cons of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

There is a dilemma about pre-employment drug testing controversial among businesses. Pre-employment drug testing is controversial because there are arguments in both sides; some employers feel that they have every right to test applicants for illegal drug use for the safety of other employees while in the workplace and others think it’s not important to hire the right kind of staff.

PROS in Applying Pre-Employment Drug Testing


Workers who uses illegal drugs shows a safety risk in the workplace while businesses face exposure to liability because of workplace accidents that relates to drugs. 20 percent of workers was in fatal workplace accidents and tested positive for illegal drugs and alcohol.

Recovery programs which came from the cost of the company, employers use these to place their employees to recover from drug abuse. Experienced employees that have completed a recovery program is helping the employer without having another applicant to do a pre-employment drug testing and without having to training them. Employees who are free from drugs and alcohol are financially, spiritually and emotionally rewarding.

CONS in Applying Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Random pre-employment testing may foster resentment among the applicants who feel that this is violating their right to privacy and it negatively affects productivity and lost revenues are costing businesses. Workers who are against pre-employment drug testing in the workplace is saying it is a violation and they often threaten or sue their employers.

Even if the employee loses the lawsuit, the company will still lose money due to fighting the lawsuit and attorney fees which also needs downtime, so they could do those things. Adding a random pre-employment drug testing program will cost a lot of money, and results of the employees may end up all negative.

Impairment Testing

Pre-employment drug testing has a possible alternative impairment testing in the workplace that can end the debate about pre-employment drug testing altogether. These types of test could be proven to be more effective that random pre-employment drug testing because it tests a person’s current state.

The test in cognitive impairment measures brain function and coordinating the eye movements with their hand movements, their reaction time, ability to make quick decisions and other that may show cognitive ability. Other techniques include ocular tests that will decide if a person has any signs of impairment by measuring tiny eye movements and agility tests that will calculate the level of impairment of a person by measuring their movements.

Reason Why Pre-Employment Drug Testing is needed

Businesses that don’t use pre-employment drug testing when hiring new employees are putting themselves at risk and danger. When a new employee who hasn’t been properly checked and examined is hired, employers are basically welcoming a stranger into their corporate world.

Pre-employment drug testing is turning into a more normal hiring prerequisite. It is evaluated that 98 percent of Fortune 200 business organizations have actualized some type of employee drug testing during their recruitment procedure. It is imperative to be prepared for these drug tests by recognizing what to expect.


Employers design drug free working environment projects to protect their companies from the effect of drug abuse. Pre-employment drug testing helps prevent the hiring of individuals who abuse drugs and is most often executed as a part of the job hiring procedure.

Since each business and workforce is unique, every employer should make a watchful determination about the drug testing system elements that are most useful for their working environment.

An organization that attempts to keep its business grounds a drug free working environment is an organization that consumers believe can be trusted. Based on the 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, drug testing is turning out to be more basic for the background procedure quite a long time. It is essential for employers to perform drug test for background screening and re-screening in light of the fact that workplace drug abuse can accompany serious consequences for entrepreneurs. Here are the facts why pre-employment drug testing is needed.

  • Drug free work environment policies are turning out to be more important to enforce for both applicants and current employees. In fact, 90% of employees subject job aspirants and current workers to drug testing to every year keep up a drug free work environment.
  • Many business owners believe that drug testing can enhance workplace safety. Individuals who are under the influence of drugs can be dangerous to other workers especially if the drug user comes to work after taking drugs.
  • Workplace drug testing is essential in light of the fact that it can decrease the probability of drug related deaths. For instance, worker managing heavy equipment should not abuse drugs. Being high on drugs can put individuals at danger of business related injuries or a business related casualty.
  • Drug testing can enhance employee confidence and efficiency while decreasing absenteeism, downtime, accidents, turnover and theft.

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Pass a Drug Testing in the Workplace

It’s very uncomfortable to undergo drug testing in the workplace because it can give you feelings of untrusted or being worthless. On the other hand, the best approach for this situation is to become positive and to accept the challenges that it may take. Worry no more, because there are several techniques that you can do to overcome the screening. Here’s how to pass a drug testing in the workplace.


 Know the dissimilarity between a drug test in school and with a company. Drug test procedure for employment is being conducted in a reliable testing center while drug testing in school can just rely in drug testing kit and just submit the sample to the nearest testing center.

 Be aware regarding the outcome of the test. Results can turn out to be positive or negative for the next 24 hours depending on the type of drug test that was conducted. If your result is negative, you’ll be stress free, but if you got positive results, there might be a bigger chance that you will be sent for rehabilitation program or might lose your job.

 Prepare for the screening. Corporate drug test is not just a simple method it can affect your performances and status in the company. If you were advised to visit the testing center for the drug test, make time to prepare. Even if you are not into illegal drugs, you may still get bothered by the situation. Have a conversation on the right person about the procedure including your co-workers, a friend or a medical expert and let them explain the background of drug test. On the other hand, if you’re a drug user, here are some of your options:

o If you’re not yet employed, you may quit your application and find for other jobs which do not concern with drug testing result.
o If you’re already employed, you can grab a chair and talk to your supervisor about your concern. They can send you to rehabilitation program or for counseling.

 Take the test. Go to the collection area and submit the specimen for the test. Follow the guidelines given.

 If you’re uncertain with the outcome of the drug test, you can ask for retake. They will still use similar specimen and most probably you will be paying for the test.

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How to Conduct Pre-employment Drug Testing

Big group of isolated small people in a line

The ultimate goal and purpose of pre-employment drug testing is to reduce the danger and damages caused with drug abuse by employees. Drug use in the workplace can lead to serious trouble specifically to employers who will be liable if there will be any accidents or health care procedures. Both alcohol and drug use are major cause of major issues in the company. In addition, drug users are more likely to file worker’s compensation claims and utilize more often their health care benefits. Pre-employment drug testing can prevent these circumstances. Here are some of the guidelines on how to conduct a pre-employment drug testing:

 Before starting a drug testing program, employers should make policies and procedures that will help the employees to clearly understand the procedure. Pre-employment drug testing is the most usual type of testing program. Gathering for written authorization that clearly explains that a drug test is a condition of employment is highly and strictly suggested.

 Post-employment drug testing of current employees is becoming more standard. Random testing and testing following an accident as well as testing asked by law in several industries can be a lawfully sensitive issue. Before applying and executing a drug test program, employers should offer education for supervisors and employees, as well as disciplinary actions if the result of the screening will be positive.

 Send the employees to the credible testing lab to start the procedure. Most drugs will be removed from the body within two to four days. Many employers ask samples from their employees within a specific period of time so drug users will not perform any fraudulent activities. Urine samples are normally gathered and sent to the laboratory for screening. Negative test results are usually available within the next 24 hours. You can also consider getting drug testing kit from online websites like the Utilizing these tests requires the employer to carefully dispose of the urine sample. Confirmation from the laboratory where tested was conducted is essential to show the employee that the result is positive. Medical labs will endorse a positive test through sets of procedures and may also use the services of a physician to assess and evaluate the results before sending it to the employer.

 The employer should also follow certain rules upon showing the result to the employee. All the records should be confidential. It will avoid legal complaints because of discrimination.

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How long before the Pre-Employment Drug Testing Result will be Release?

Waiting for pre-employment drug testing results can be tiresome for employers and applicant alike especially if the company needs to hire the applicant immediately because of the higher demand for the position. Various factors identify how long an employer will have to wait for results, including what type of drugs are tested and whether the applicant is taking a prescribed medicine that might highly affect the outcome of the test. By knowing what to assume, you can better prepare for the result of a pre-employment drug testing.

Following a preliminary positive test, the lab will perform a second test to rule out a false positive. The second test is conducted using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. These procedures will remove error and give the tester with details about the amount of a substance present in the specimen. It may take 4-5 days before results of a positive test are made available to the employer.The wait time for drug screen results depends on which drugs are tested. Commonly, employers follow the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration standardized regulations. Here are the types of pre-employment drug testing and the waiting time for the results:

  • timeUrine Testing – Urine is the most commonly specimen used for drug testing. For the reason that it provides the fastest turnaround time of all types of drug screens. Most medical laboratories can process a drug screen in one to two business days. On the other hand, if the specimens must be send to the testing facility from the lab, this may add more business day. For negative urine screens, results are normally available to the employer by the third business day. For positive test, the results are obtainable after four or five business days.
  •  Hair Testing – Hair testing can identify drug use up to 90 days prior the date of the test. The downside to hair testing is that results take more time than urine testing. Based on the diagnostics testing companies, results of hair drug screens typically take five to ten business days to deliver.
  • Blood Testing – Blood tests are the least practiced for pre-employment drug testing because drugs are non-visible in the blood stream after 48 hours. Results are available 24 hours after the specimen is screened, or 48 hours or more when the specimen must be send to a lab.

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How to Start with Pre-Employment Drug Testing Service

Pre-employment drug testing is often required by companies if you want to apply for a job. This is a standard procedure because the positive effect of drug testing before the recruitment process has becoming clear and transparent. It will save the company from possible danger caused by employees who uses illegal drugs. So, promote safety and security in the workplace and promote a drug-free working environment.

Because of the increasing demand of pre-employment drug testing procedure, investors and businessmen are now into creating drug testing centers. A drug testing service can be a profitable and stable business for the reason that there is no overhead. You just place an order to obtain some supplies and you can start it out in your home with your computer and advertising it online or travel to businesses to bid and propose your drug testing service. It does in high request due to the increasing usage of drugs so it will earn more profits very rapidly. Here are your guidelines to start with pre-employment drugs testing services:


  • Check on the internet if it is legal and authorize in your state to conduct drug testing separate from a credited medical laboratory or by a licensed medical practitioner. Enter the state and your inquiries and you’ll be routed to the page of your concerns.
  •  Call your state testing laboratory for training and educational material on how to start a pre-employment drug testing service. You will also be given with a drug test expert guidebook.
  •  Buy urine sample drug test kits. You can obtain these online for a reasonable and cheaper price. It will test for marijuana, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamines and many other drugs including alcohol.
  • Purchase guides or leaflets on how to be drug free and other information about drug testing procedure so that when the possible customer will clarify some concerns, you will know what to respond. You can avail the advertising materials from your state testing laboratory.
  •  Promote your business. Give out fliers to the local businesses around you. Give special attention to the ones that are employing and offer your drug testing service onsite for their accessibility. It will hard and complicated at the start but eventually when your first customer will be satisfied with the services that you offered, they will refer your business to other people and it will start to develop and outgrow. .

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Know More about Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Most business owners use the successful completion of pre-employment drug testing. Drug abuse can affect not just the person who is into the illegal drugs but with the entire operation of the company. It can cause health and security hazards in the workplace. It will reduce productivity if the candidate for employment uses drugs. Pre-employment drug testing includes collecting a urine sample from an individual applying for a job and then sending it to a medical laboratory for testing. Applicants who fail to pass the test will not be usually considered for the job. Urine drug testing helps business owners to detect drug substances that stays in the body after the drug’s effects have worn off while blood testing allows measurement of drugs that are present in someone’s bloodstream.

drug-policy-creationDrug testing can prevent legal liabilities. It can create a working environment wherein employees will be comfortable to work with and will encourage others not to use illegal drugs. Pre-employment drug testing may happen with various types of employers, but is most usual when working responsibilities involve law enforcement or jobs that can cause serious danger to other people when working under the influence of drugs such as driving positions. Most states require specific type of drug test before the employment procedure.

Requirements for drug testing are normally stated from a separate document. Applicants will sign the paper for their consent to pursue with the screening.

In preparation for the employment, most employers require applicants to visit special facilities that specialize in performing pre-employment drug screen. These facilities utilize special procedure like finger printing and isolated specimen collection laboratories to stop people from falsifying test results by using someone else’s sample just to pass the test and win the job.

Aside from drug test, most employers are also requesting for alcohol test for the reason that there will be similar effect if an employee deals with drugs or alcohol. It can both affect individual’s behavior and personality and eventually would ruin the services of the company.

Drug tests can also identify for the use of barbiturates, benzodiazepines and methadone. There are types of drug test and those are the 5 panel pre-employment drug test and the 10 panel drug test. A 5 panel pre-employment drug test can determine the presence of cannabinoid drugs that includes marijuana and cocaine while the 10 panel drug test can detect barbiturates, methaqualone, benzodiazepines, methadone and propoxyphene.

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Pre-employment Drug Testing

We all know that drugs are being used to treat several wide ranges of diseases in the field of medicine because it has great function or contributions, although for some, drugs have negative side effects when used to treat a disease. But in some cases, these substances are being used by people who get addicted to it not because they have diseases to cure but to lessen their worries, boredom, to rebel, lessen their fear, experiment, and due to frustrations that they are facing in their lives. Due to that, drug abuse is now a big problem to some countries, including China, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore and many other countries. It is usually the root cause of many problems and crimes in the society, thus many lives are not only affected but often ruined.

article-0-1A275DBC000005DC-312_634x474Some of these countries have already implemented death penalty for those who will be caught as drug mules and offenders, even if they are from other countries. They are very strict in this matter because of the destruction and damage that it brings the society. Among the hazardous drugs that are being abused by many are cannabis, opium and cocaine. All of these are plant based drugs that are easily and secretly cultivated and reproduced by some people who want to gain money and influence for themselves.

These days, drug abuse has become one of the major problems of countries around the world. Because of drug abuse and drug addiction, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, and contrabands are traded. Drug abuse is becoming a critical problem because it affects some factors of the society like poverty. Due to poverty, some people would engage themselves in drug trafficking that brings destruction not only in the lives of innocent people but also to themselves especially if they are caught—resulting to penalties that include imprisonment or worst, death.

Thousands of people are using illegal drugs, and they are not aware of its effect. They use it as part of their lives and didn’t care to what it may bring to them and to other people to whom they are selling or exchanging for money. People taking illegal drugs are affected because of the physiological effect it brings when ingested. It affects their mentality and their proper thinking is replaced by bad thoughts/things, which is why it is very important for employers to require pre- employment drug testing.

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Why Employers should Request Pre-employment Drug Testing?

Do you want to employ a drug abuser? How about a criminal? Or at least, someone who has the potential to be one? Of course, you don’t. So never leave any stone unturned when you hire people. Make sure that you do thorough browsing on the information that each applicant inks on his or her resume or portfolio. And of course, never forget to background check. Doing so will save a handfuls of regrets in the future for hiring a problematic employee. More importantly, make sure that you request for your potential applicant to undergo pre-employment drug testing just to clear any speculation or doubts on your mind.

Hiring people is definitely easier being said than done. It is a job for not so many. The right person for this task is someone that is really thorough and has the patient for eoDKeNkovery phase that each applicant needs to undergo. In fact, there are three general phases that each applicant should go through—the pre-selection process, the interview, and the requirement completion process. Each of these phase is a pre-requisite of the other and is very important in the chain or workflow of the human resource manager or the employer.

In the pre-selection process, the employer of human resource manager will check on the skillsets and knowledge of each applicant and choose those that meet the requirements set by the company for the position they are applying for. In the interview, this is where the potential applicants will show their skillset and knowledge while at the same time create an impression to the employer or the human resource manager. The last phase is where the finalization of the employment is being made.

The employers and/or human resource managers will have to deliberate on the potential applicant, ask them to undergo a set of requirements like background checking and pre-employment drug testing. It is in this phase that the employers or the human resource managers validate their decision to hire or not a potential applicant, which may only happen if the applicant is not able to complete the requirements.

Pre-employment drug testing is not something that should scare potential applicants, as well as employers and/or human resource managers. It is something that will both benefit the employee and the management in the future. As an employer, make sure that an applicant passes pre-employment drug testing and if possible do this regularly while they are employed in your company.

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Why Do Employers Conduct Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing in the Workplace might be very critical procedure because it will testify if the person is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol while inside the workplace which is against the company’s rules and regulations. It will serve as the basis for the employer’s decision regarding some legal actions.

why do employers conduct drug testing in the workplace

drug testing in the workplace

On the other hand, most employers conduct the drug testing as part of the hiring procedure or if he/she has a higher suspicion that the employee is coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It can be shown on his/her physical attributes and on his/her actions and performances. Where allowed by state law, job applicants may be drug screened as part of the employment hiring process. If a company tests for drug use, it is usually part of the pre-employment screening process and would require after the employer has offered the prospective employee a job. A positive drug test result will lead the employee into big trouble or for an applicant to get disqualified from the job.

Urine drug test, blood drug test, saliva drug test and hair drug test are some types off drug testing. However, the most common and practical is the urine drug test and being practiced by most companies.

According to State laws, if a person turns out to be positive in drug or alcohol screening, he must be aware about it that also includes the exact name of the medical laboratory that provided the result. He/she can also make explanations regarding this matter and the factors that made him/her decide to take illegal drugs. The applicant or employee can also ask for second opinion from other medical laboratories if he/she disagrees with the first result.

Drug testing happens for several reasons. And here are its different types:

  • Pre-employment drug testing – All applicants who passed the initial interview or assessment might be requested for drug testing. Although there are no evidences that you’re into drugs, you will still be sent for drug test to avoid any form of discrimination.
  • Random drug testing – employees may be designated at random for drug screening at any time.
  • For suspicions drug test – employers may request for drug testing if there will be a higher suspicion on the person that he/she is coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Post-accident drug test – any employee who is involved in an accident inside the workplace might be requested for drug testing.

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