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The Importance of At-Home Drug Test

032.jpgNo teenagers tries an illegal drug for the first time in hopes of being addicted or dependent to it. Drug addiction doesn’t happen in one setting. It progress until it takes over a person’s life. It causes damage to both the mental and physical health. This is the main reason why parents should know how to detect the signs of a drug user before it comes to drug abuse and dependency. Parents should not neglect any behavioral and mental symptoms of drug use. Other than that, if they ever had any suspicion on their child being involved in any illegal drugs, they shouldn’t hesitate to conduct an at-home drug test.

Teenagers have fragile emotions. They have so many questions and many curiosities indistressed upset teenager generic.jpg their phase in life. In their years of change towards adulthood and discovery of oneself, they are prone to taking actions that will not benefit them. Maybe it’s the wrong peers or the search for adventure that leads them to try drugs. Whatever it may be, parents should always be there to guide their children in times like these. They shouldn’t allow them to have adventures that will only bring them self-harm.

There are many signs of drug use, most of the common signs include bloodshot eyes,redbloodshoteyes smell of smoke on breath or clothes, unusual tiredness, bad grades, loss of interest in activities, frequent hunger, secretive behavior and many others. Other than these, for a drug user to continue his cravings in using this illicit drugs, he needs sufficient money to supply his addiction cravings. One obvious sign is the constant need for money or theft. If ever you see some of these signs in your teenage child, there is just one step you need to do- conduct an at-home drug test.

I know that it might be hard because it might come between the relationship between BloodPressure.jpgyou and your child. But it’s important and urgent that you know the medical condition of your child. If he isn’t hiding anything like that to you, he shouldn’t hesitate to oblige in an at-home drug test. However, be careful though. A teenager might be confident because he knows how to cheat drug tests. With so many internet sources about cheating drug tests, you should also be knowledgeable about facilitating an at-home drug tests as well as avoiding the possibility of cheating. Lastly, buy the right kind of at-home drug test kits that will surely give you the accurate results.

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Several Scenarios when Urine Tests are Conducted

Urine-testA urine test, additionally referred to as a urine drug screen or a UDS, is a painless drug test. It analyzes a person’s urine for the presence of illegal drugs and prescription medications. The urine drug test commonly monitors for PCP, methadone and opioids (narcotics), benzodiazepines, barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamines.

The advantage of using urine testing over another type of drug test is the convenience that comes with it. Urine tests are cheaper compared to other drug tests like blood testing. Other than that, the sample is not difficult to extract and the results are easy to be determined. On top of that, urine drug tests can also be conducted at home which is advantageous for those who don’t like to go to the laboratory.

There are several scenarios where a urine test might be required or needed:

  • Medical reasons- A urine test can enable a medical specialist to identify potential 557281-heart-diseasesubstance abuse issues. A person’s primary care doctor may order this test if they suspect that their patient have a problem with drugs or alcohol. After the urine drug test distinguishes drugs an individual might be abusing, specialists can begin a treatment plan. Taking urine tests during the drug abuse rehabilitation treatment guarantees that the arrangement is working and a person is not using drugs again and that they stay sober even after the treatment
  • Pre-employment screening- Numerous businesses require potential employees to take a urine test before they can be hired. One advantage of the urine drug test is that it can keep individuals with drug issues out of occupations that require the capacity to stay focused. For example, a truck driver who uses drugs could put the well-being of many individuals at hazard. Urine drug testing may likewise bring down the danger of workplace accidents.
  • downloadParole or Probation- In case a person is on probation or parole for a drug or liquor related offense, the officer responsible for his case may ask for random drug tests to check his state of being.
  • Home drug tests- Urine tests can also be used in at-home drug testing. For example, a relative may need a friend or family member to take this test to demonstrate that they’re not involved in illegal drug abuse or addiction. If a person intends to use an at-home urine test, it’s advisable to ask for the advice with your family doctor or another medical expert beforehand. They can help if ever the result of the urine drug test is positive.

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Reasons Why an At Home Drug Test is a Must

Parents or other relatives who have worries about a loved one or family member using and abusing drugs. They need a solid approach to see if their doubts are true. In those cases, the parents may choose to conduct at home drug test to get the proof they’re searching for. Parents use these at home drug tests for various reasons.


One of the main reasons is to check their suspicion about a child’s drug use. Parents may have doubts on their kid since they might be seeing behavioral and physical signs and symptoms of drug use such as glassy eyes, frequent mood swings, uncontrolled temper, weight issues, as well as frequent theft to fuel their addiction.

Another cause to conduct at home drug test is to uphold forbearance for a child who has been discovered using illegal drugs. To help their child be stay sober and guide them to their journey towards recovery, parents must test their kid if they still use drugs after the rehabilitation and medical treatment. This way, they can help their recovering child overcome drug abuse and addiction.

Lastly, at home drug tests can also be used to keep a kid from taking part in illegal drug use. By being knowledgeable that any moment their parent can conduct a drug test at home will be their warning to never be involved in such harmful and illicit substances that cause negative effects to the human body.

At home drug tests have turned into an efficient and easy way for parents to see if or not their teenage children are involved in drug use or drug abuse. By using at home drug tests, parents trust that their kids will be more reluctant to use these illicit substances, realizing that they will be tested for use.

However, there are many concern about at home drug tests, including the accuracy, possibility of cheating, and the possibility of false positives. With these worries in mind, know that there are steps that can ensure a friend or family member is dealt with decently and the test doesn’t leave a larger number of inquiries than answers.

logoOne way to ensure the correctness of the drug test result is to purchase reliable and accurate test kits like Drug Abuse Control’s at home drug test kits that are CLIA waived, FDA cleared with a 99.9% accuracy rating. Another step would be to follow the instructions carefully and be educated about the ways of drug test cheating in order to prevent it. Lastly, learn about false positives because there are some factors that may cause the result to be true even though in reality, it should be false.

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When do Employers Use Saliva Drug Tests?

There are a wide range of types of drug testing that a company may conduct for a job applicant or employee. These are breath liquor tests, blood tests for drug use and liquor, urine drug tests, and even hair drug tests. Another type of test is the saliva drug test.

saliva-test-swab2A saliva drug test, otherwise called a mouth swab or oral fluid test, gathers saliva from inside the job candidate or worker’s mouth. The saliva is used as a specimen which is tested for the presence of drugs; regularly, these tests can recognize drugs used in previous couple of days. Saliva can be tested for liquor, cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, and methamphetamines.

Saliva drug tests are common for some business organizations, this is because it is more affordable than other drug tests. It is also simple to facilitate. Saliva is anything but difficult to gather and test, so this is the simplest and the least invasive kind of drug testing. Frequently, the tests should be done on site, which makes them easy to conduct and effective.

There are a couple of basic reasons why businesses conduct saliva drug tests. Sometimes, imagesthese are part of the pre-employment tests. This drug test will be a piece of the bigger work screening process, which may include different other record verifications.

A few companies conduct random drug tests, in which they randomly select representatives from a pool of workers to take the test. Normally, the employees should not have any knowledge or notice of the drug tests. Nonetheless, the business organization must tell the employees in their handbook, that random drug tests can be conducted anytime as a part of the company’s policy. A few states have laws regarding how far ahead of time representatives should be informed about the drug tests.

Some organizations conduct for-cause drug tests. For this situation, if a business thinks a worker might be affected by drugs because of often absenteeism, frequent lateness, poor performance, and other behavioral signs of drug use, the organization can require the representative to present an oral drug test.

avdtfsfgjnstjnrLastly, employers conduct these tests after an accident on the workplace. This may comprise a car accident, or accidents which includes use of machineries. These drug tests enable the business to know whose responsibility is the incident.

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A Guide to Conducting Home Drug Test

If you are a concerned parent who have a suspicion that your child is in need of medical attention because of suspected drug use, the best way to know is conduct a home drug test. Conducting home drug test is easy. However, you must still know a few tips that will help you conduct it successfully in order to get the right test results.  The following are some of the basic stuffs that you should know:


  • Buy Reliable and Accurate Drug Test Kits- Before buying an at home drug test kit, make sure that you check its reliability. The most important thing to consider is to be sure that you use a test kit for the drugs that are suspected of being used since there is not a universal drug kit to test all kinds of drugs. Other than that, you should also make sure that these kits are reviewed, tested, and approved by the government.  For example, home drug test kits from Drug Abuse Control is FDA cleared, CLIA waived with 99.9% accuracy rating-the kind of drug test kits that you should purchase. Lastly, check if the kit hasn’t expired yet or in any way damaged which could compromise its ability to give accurate results.
  • Read the Instructions and Follow it carefully- When conducting a test, make sure that you aren’t confused by what the instructions says and you follow it cautiously because even the slightest of errors can lead to wrong results. It is important that you ensure that you follow even the smallest instruction, because incorrect results may come between you and your child.
  • Reduce the Possibility of Cheating- There are many tricks posted online that your child can read which could compromise the accuracy of the results of a drug test. Some will try to add chemicals to the test kit or they may take different vitamins to change the results. Make sure that they do not do these things before and during the home drug test.
  • Read the Results Correctly- As mentioned above, following the instructions is important not only during the drug testing, but also after it. Interpreting results in the correct way will clear your doubts.
  • Understand that there are also False Positives- This means that a result might falsely indicates the presence of a drug. There are many reasons as to how a test can come out with a positive when there is no drug use. These includes eating poppy seed which shows up as opium, drinking medications, drinking coffee which can appear as amphetamine or being exposed to secondhand drug smoke such as marijuana smoke.

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Tips on Reliable Urine Drug Test Results

Why do people undergo drug tests? There are a lot of reasons why a person must submit him or herself in drug tests even though he or she knows that he or she never indulged in the use of prohibited drugs. But the most imminent is that this test is usually required of people who wants to get certain certifications and IDs from government agencies and some private firms. Also, the test is a primary requirement by meticulous employers who simply do not want their people to be subjected to the security and safety problems of working with troubled people—however intelligent and good they are in the job.


There are different types of drug tests that a person may undergo. One of the most common is the urine drug test. In this case, the applicant will have to pee in the privy or the laboratory or clinic comfort room and present the urine to the technician in the provided little bottles. The technician will label this container and eventually subject it under tests to see if there are prevalent prohibited drugs in the specimen. This could last for a matter of minutes or maybe hours, depending on the affecting factors. There are times that some unwanted elements may become present in the specimen due to gross negligence of the applicant or worse, the technician. To ensure clean, safe, and reliable result, it is best to get a urine drug test from a reputable provider. This is where the drug control abuse can be of service. This is an online provider of drug control products and services, which can be contacted through their homepage or their hotline numbers posted on the site. They can surely offer a test service that is surely reliable and according to the standards set by the government and agencies governing this test results. Urine drug test is an examination that is very important to be compromised, especially to employers, college and professional sports administrators and a lot more. Thus, it pays to trust only the real ans reliable service providers when it comes to urine drug testing, Drug Abuse Control. Next time a urine drug test should be administered, there is no need to trust just any laboratory that comes first to sight or the first clinic name that comes on top of the search page. Trust only the leader when it comes to drug control, DAC.

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Why Invest in DAC Urine Drug Test?

People who have been exposed in the use and abuse of prohibited drugs have always displayed a huge difference in how they act and think. Some have become louder, wilder and tougher while others are worse—they have grown more violent and indifferent with other people, even to their very own family and friends. These things are among the nightmares of employers. The prevalence of such can mean difficulty in controlling people, unsafe environment and eventually, lower production. For these reasons and more that employers have also grown more strategic especially in hiring people, which in fact is very wise.

Employers nowadays have used the same techniques as credit companies and financing firms. They have adapted a scheme called background checking, which allows them to check on the individual’s information and details, including records of all causes. But more and more employers are nitpicking as well. In fact, there is a continuously rise in requiring additional certificates like drug tests. This will ensure that the potential applicant for a position is certified to be free from any form of drug use or abuse. With this, the employer can be sure that in the case that the applicant finally makes it to the final decision, he can rest assured that the person will be a safe addition to his team of drug use-free people.

The approach of employers in requiring such test certificate is also different. There are some who asks for it as early as in the pooling stage while there are also some who asks for it later, when the applicant becomes a potential contender for a position. This is the same with the types of drug tests that an individual can subject himself to. There are swab drug tests, which may or may not be one and the same as saliva drug test depending on the preference of the laboratory using it, panel drug tests and the most common of all, the urine drug test. What makes urine drug tests very efficient for applicants is that it is easy to do and offers fast results. The applicant simply needs to gather his or her urine right before the test and submit it to the testing center. The results will be ready within hours. If thinking of security and authenticity of the test, you as an employer can contact Drug Abuse Control over the homepage on how.

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Urine Drug Test: Screening Test and Confirmatory Test

Urine drug tests are commonly performed to detect a drug user through his urine. It is done routinely to checks for drugs or their byproducts in the urine. There are many purposes of these tests including drug detoxification programs, school and employment screening, athletic screening and emergency room settings. This test detects the commonly used drugs such as: cocaine, marijuana, barbiturates, amphetamines, phencyclidine, metamphetamines, benzodiazepines and opiates. Urine drug test has been suggested and in many cases implemented for prospective and current employees in industry, for personnel of the armed forces, for parolees and bail seekers in civilian court systems, for workers in the transportation industry and for individuals who serve as role models, such as nationally known athletes.

reading_test_resultsSociety is becoming increasingly aware of the impact of drug use on public safety. Drug abuse in the workplace is amenable to carefully planned prevention programs; however, urine drug detection provides a powerful tool for use in such programs. Many employers require their employees to get urine test before hiring them so that the test can be used to keep people with the drug problems out of jobs that require the ability to be alert and focused.


There are two types of urine drug test: a SCREENING TEST and a CONFIRMATORY TEST. The screening test uses an immunoassay to look for the parent drug and/or metabolite. This is cost-effective and gives the results quickly. Most urine drug tests screen for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, while some also test for benzodiazepines and methadone. However it does not pick up on all opioids (narcotics). Also, it sometimes gives false results or positives.

A false positive occurs when the test results come back positive for drugs, but no drugs have been taken. If your first test does come back positive, but you are not into drug abuse, you will be given a second type of tests which is the confirmatory test. Confirmatory urine drug test is usually done through the use of gas Chromatography and mass spectrometry which are simply dubbed as GC/MS. This may also be through HPLC or (high-performance liquid chromatography). The test results are known to be highly specific and are typically used to single out a specific drug during the test. Due to these, GC/MS are usually more expensive than the other and may take longer, but the results are definitely accurate.

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Use Drug Abuse Control Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug test is one of the evaluations widely used to determine if a person has been using illegal drugs. This is the most common way to identify if one has used drugs from recent up to two days. It is appropriate for all testing causes, when applying for work and for different reasons that need to undergo this test. There are ways to on how a person will pass this urine test. One can be by drinking a lot of water. This is considered as the cheapest and easiest way to get a negative result on the urine test as it flushes drugs in your body when you pee. Next is the taking of vitamins if you observed that your pee is excessively watery. You can also take diuretics; it helps your body freed of water and sodium. Try unverified home remedies. This is the least that you can do to confound the urinalysis. Detergent and bleach is believed to be capable of pitching out the result. In the question on how long did the urine drug test, the answer will always vary on the person who took the test and if it’s a lab test the result can be done not less a week but if it’s a field examination, the result can be given on the spot. Positive result doesn’t really mean that a person was under the influenced of drug during the test. good

When is the urine test used? There are some scenarios where a test is required. A doctor can require you of this test if he distrusts to have a problem in using illegal drugs or too much alcohol. Employers usually entail promising employees to take urine testing before they are hired. Urine drug testing is beneficial to everyone especially to the employers because it can remove people with drug related problems out from their jobs that needs focused and alertness. Drug rehabilitation centers consistently test the residents to helps guarantee that people who are getting treatment for drug abuse are staying sober. Lastly, this test can be used at home if the parent wants to prove that their children are not using drugs.

What are the types of urine drug test? There are two types known for this test. First, the immunoassay gives the fastest result however it pulls back. The second is gas chromatography. These are more costly and may take result longer than the usual, but they seldom produce a false positive result. If you get positive results that you have never got before, immediately request for a mass spectrometer analysis. You can also reach us through email @ or simply fill this form.

Things that you need to Know about Urine Drug Test

Employers who are requiring drug test for employment mostly consider urine drug test for the reason that it is less costly and can give immediate results. However there are no state laws that obliging an employer to consider urine drug test, he/she can apply some other procedure. Some of the pros and cons of urine drug test are as follows:

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  • Swallowed illegal drugs are directly present and can be seen in the urine, although they were consumed in a matter of days.
  • approximately all drugs are expelled through the urine, and are as a result it is noticeable and visible in a urine drug test
  • it is hard to fraud a urine test when managed correctly, even though a hair drug test is even more difficult to cheat
  • a urine test is more inexpensive than a hair drug test
  • It’s more convenient and painless compared with blood drug test.

Illegal drugs substance normally remains in the urine for up to a week, excluding for marijuana, which can keep on for up to a month depending on its usage. On the other hand, every person is diverse, and many factors affect the span of time that drugs stay in the system, including:

  • how much of the drug was used up
  • person’s metabolism or the absorption process of the body
  • elimination of fluids since the drug was consumed

Some medical laboratories offers a extensive assortment of DOT and non-DOT urine drug tests reaching from a simple five panel screening for common illegal drugs to wide-ranging testing that includes medication drugs, Ecstasy, and more. You also have an option to add n alcohol test if the person showed signs of alcohol abuse in the workplace,

Employers consider urine drug test for some of the following reasons:

  • pre-employment
  • random checking
  • post accident incidences
  • DOT or non-DOT drug testing
  • sensible doubt
  • coming back to duty
  • compulsory follow-up drug test
  • court ordered drug or alcohol testing
  • secluded or personal drug screening

Before the urine drug test happens, the employees or applicants must know and evenly understand the purpose of the test. If there will be positive results, you must inform them and try to give them drug abuse counsel and guidance. You should also keep the result confidential. Avoid exposing the drug test result to other workers to avoid humiliation because it may lead to another serious problem on your company.

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